The Aid and Education Project, Inc.

      “ El Proyecto de Ayuda y Educación “


Computer Literacy Program  


In Guatemala, it is generally agreed that computer know-how is one of the most important skills for getting a real job.  The only problem is that it is impossible to learn how to use the computer without practicing, and students in Guatemala rarely have access to computers.  Many students attend schools that have no computers.  Many others attend schools with computers but get less than 20 minutes of computer time per week at their school.  And of course, none of the students have computers at home.

We are beginning to alleviate this problem for many students.  In the last two years we have shipped more than 350 computers to Guatemala.  These computers will be distributed among schools and orphanages so that students who would otherwise almost never have access to a computer, will be able to work and play on a computer like kids do in our country.

In terms of the internet, even schools that have computers cannot afford the necessary extra phone lines and internet access fees.  Consequently, we allow the students in our Scholarship Program to go to local internet cafés and get reimbursements for their expenses of using the internet there.

For some older students, especially those who are about to enter the university, we do everything possible to get them a computer of their own. 

September, 2007