The Aid and Education Project, Inc.

      “ El Proyecto de Ayuda y Educación “


English Classes  



We now offer English classes during after-school hours and during vacation months when volunteers are available.  Even in Guatemala, the language of business, science, technology and tourism is English.  English is now taught in most schools.  Thus, a little practice and study with real English speakers will translate into big advantages for our students, not only in school, but also when it is time to get a job.

            We recognize that there are also ancient Pre-Columbian languages still spoken in the communities where we work.  We don’t want English, or any other program we offer, to interfere with those traditions.  Consequently, we offer Maya Cultural Education Classes to students in the indigenous communities.  These classes include the study of the local indigenous language. (Please see “Cultural Preservation.”)

            English classes are just one part of our effort to create well-rounded students who are educated, accepting of other cultures, live in the modern world, and yet appreciate their own unique culture and history.

September, 2007


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