The Aid and Education Project, Inc.


Organizational Summary






The Aid and Education Project, Inc. is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) charity dedicated to promoting Education, Health, and Cultural Preservation in indigenous communities in Guatemala and Mexico.  The organization has no political or religious affiliations.




Major Programs:



            Scholarship Program

            Maya Cultural Education / Vacation School

            Special Programs for Women and Girls



Vitamin Program

            Checkups & Medical Care for Students with Scholarships



            Maya Cultural Education – “Vacation Maya Schools”

            Development of Educational Material on Maya Themes






2000 – 2001

·         Project founded in 2000 and the Scholarship Program initiated in January 2001 by paying school fees for two young girls in Antigua Guatemala whose family could not afford to send them to school



·         Incorporated February 2002

·         Received 501(c)(3) status in May 2002 and opened project to public donors

·         Expanded Scholarship Program to 15 students in and around San Antonio Aguas Calientes

·         Hired part-time director and teacher/social worker in Guatemala to oversee students’ progress

·         Added routine childhood medical care

·         Initiated Maya Cultural Education Program



·         Expanded the Scholarship Program to 31 students by the end of 2003

·         Added eye and ear care for students in Scholarship Program

·         Obtained donated space for classes and purchased classroom furnishings

·         Continued Maya Cultural Education Program in San Antonio during school vacations and initiated a similar program in Chichicastenango in November 2003




·         Expanded the Scholarship Program to 41 students by the end of 2004

·         Provided food for the poorest families through the Food Program

·         Maya Cultural Education Program offered year round in San Antonio and Chichicastenango and during school vacation in Antigua

·         Initiated the Computer Literacy Program to provide students access to computers and the internet

·         Initiated special educational programs for women and girls




·         Expanded the Scholarship Program to Chichicastenango

·         Admitted first students at the university level

·         Organized Maya Cultural Education Program classes in Chocolá

·         Initiated Vitamin Program to provide daily vitamin supplements to local schools




·         Collected over 300 donated computers to send to schools and orphanages in Guatemala

·         Formed working alliance with the Instituto de Lingüistica y Educación at the Universidad Rafael Landívar en Guatemala to create a firm curriculum for Maya Cultural Education

·         Offered new Maya Cultural Education Programs in San Pedro La Laguna and San Pedro Cutzán

·         Offered Health and Nutrition classes to neighborhood kids in Chichicastenango




·         Expanded the Scholarship Program to over 60 students from the 1st grade to the fourth year in university

·         Shipped over 300 computers to Guatemala for use in schools and orphanages

·         Offered Maya Cultural Education Program classes that were completed by over 775 children and young adults




·         68 students received Scholarships

·         Scholarship Program extended to graduate school studies

·         Maya Cultural Education Program extended to eight indigenous communities and four language groups




·         51 students received Scholarships

·         Maya Cultural Education Program extended by partnering with other organizations and libraries in Guatemala

·         Produced original publications in Spanish relating to Maya Culture




·         Expanded the Maya Cultural Education Program to new areas of Guatemala and new language groups

·         Co-sponsored a mini-conference for indigenous teachers and community leaders to study ancient Maya glyphs and modern Maya languages

·         Produced intermediate level workbook on Maya glyphs for teachers and students in Guatemala and Mexico




·         Established affiliations with local Maya groups to further the aims of the charity (Proyecto Lingüístico Francisco Marroquín – PLFM and Oxlajuuj Winaq)

·         Expanded the Maya Education Program to over 1300 students


















The Aid and Education Project, Inc.    14 Zander Lane   Randolph, New Jersey  07869   USA     Office: 973-366-3119    Cell: 973-769-9827