The Aid and Education Project, Inc.

      “ El Proyecto de Ayuda y Educación “


     Maya Cultural Education Program    

                  San Antonio Aguas Calientes             


                      Excursion to Mixco Viejo

                                                       December 2004


The beautiful ancient Maya site of Mixco Viejo


Many kids, all ready to go


After a long long long ride, arrival.  Then the line up for some refreshments.




Everyone gets a t-shirt with their birthday on the back --- written in Maya glyphs.  Here all the girls show off their shirts.


The tour begins...


It's a big place





There are rest stops along the way, with short lectures for the kids




                                      The whole gang poses on a pyramid         




After lunch, some play games


Some like to pose  



  Some don't                                       




                                                                          The End