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STUDENTS WITHOUT SPONSORS (as of March 21, 2012 )


Samuel Cotuc Cumes  

 Level in 2012: 3rd year University                                                                               San Pedro La Laguna


Samuel lives in San Pedro on Lake Atitlan .  It is a beautiful place, but his life is not easy.  Both his parents are blind, and so Samuel has had to become a caring adult at an early age.

He knows that he will always care for his parents, and so he wants and needs to continue in school.  But his parents make almost nothing, and they are not able to help him with school expenses. 

Samuel wants to be a social sciences teacher in high school or middle school, and teach in his local community after he graduates.  If we can find a sponsor for Samuel, he can get the education he needs to earn money to help himself and his parents.

February, 2012


Nidia Roxana Pérez Apén          

Grade in 2012:  10th                                             San Antonio Aguas Calientes


Nidia with little brother

Nidia, had to leave school for lack of funds before she entered our program.  There just wasn’t any money for school.  Her family wants her to go school, but simply lacks the means.

Her father is a blacksmith and works hard for others and on the family house.  But the family always has debts relating to schooling and food for the many kids.  They also need more resources to buy clean water, clothing, and electricity. 

We obviously can’t solve all the problems of this family, but we can at least help with school.  Nidia is a good student and wants to finish high school and go on to the university.  With a sponsor, we can at least keep her in school.

March, 2012


Franklin Vinicio Hernández Santos          

Grade in 2012:  8th                                      San Antonio Aguas Calientes

Franklin when he first entered the program in 2005

Franklin ’s father is a musician.  His mother sells fabric to artisans who make local crafts.  Together, Franklin ’s parents make very little.  It is not unusual for the family to want for more food.

Franklin is a very good soccer player.  And, not surprisingly, his ambition is to become a teacher and soccer instructor.

We want to help the children of this hard working family.  We hope that we can alleviate their financial difficulties a bit so that the kids can get an education and still enjoy life a little.  

March, 2012



Delmi Karina Chavez  

Grade in 2012: 10th                                      San Antonio Aguas Calientes

Delmi in 2005

Delmi is one the sweetest girls you can imagine; and also a good student.  She is lucky in that most of her family is still living, (which is not the case with many of our students).  In fact, the family lives with her grandparents in the grandparents’ house.

Delmi wants to teach kindergarten in her community.  She eventually wants to go to the university.  But for now she is worried about obtaining support so that she can finish high school.

Hopefully we can help her obtain the education she needs to help herself and her community. 

March, 2012



Karen Andrea Camargo Galindo                 

Grade in 2012: 9th                                         San Antonio Aguas Calientes

Karen in San Antonio Aguas Calientes

Karen has always been a good student.  She is currently studying to be a teacher (as many girls do), but her ambition is to finish school in her town and then go to the university.  There she wants to study medicine and help others.

Unfortunately Karen is from a poor family that cannot help her with her ambitions.  We hope to help her realize her dreams and return to her community as a medical professional.    

January, 2012



Marllory Lourdes Payolá López                 

Grade in 2012:11th                                         San Antonio Aguas Calientes

Marllory on left (or is it the right?)

Marllory loves little kids.  She is studying to be a pre-school teacher.  She especially wants to work with poor kids to try to make their lives better.

Marllory has a twin sister and three brothers.  As she says, her family is very "bonita" and united.

She makes good grades, but she may not be able to stay in school, much less go on to the university.  Her parents are "artisans," meaning that they make and sell crafts for tourists.  There is not much income in that job, and certainly not enough to support several children in school.

March, 2012



Henry David Chávez Hernández                 

Grade in 2012: 10th                                         San Antonio Aguas Calientes

Henry David lives in a one room house with his mother and siblings.  His father is no longer living.  The house is borrowed from a relative, but it is not clear that the family will be able to continue to live there. 

Henry David’s mother washes clothes and cleans house for other families, as well works in the fields.  She also finds a way to care for her own kids before and after work.  She earns only enough to feed herself and her children.

The family needs food, a better bed to sleep on, and shoes.  Without outside help, we worry that education may come second to these more immediate needs.

December, 2011




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