The Aid and Education Project, Inc.


      “ El Proyecto de Ayuda y Educación “


STUDENTS WITH SPONSORS (and former students, as of March 21, 2012 )  


Petronila Elizabeth González                                       San Pedro Cutzún

Grade in 2011: Third Year University


Elizabeth is from a small Tzutujiil community on the Pacific costal plain.  We know her through her efforts in the "Maya" school in San Pedro in which local indigenous children are taught about their Maya history and culture.

Elizabeth, who is clearly bright and intelligent, wants to be a nurse.  This will be a difficult course for a girl in her circumstances, but with some outside help she may be able to reach that goal.

January, 2009



Marco Antonio (Toni) Cor Paulo       

Grade in 2004: 1st                                                  Jocotenango


Toni and sister Luki

Docile appearance aside, Toni is a small wild man.  Living in a household without men or other boys, no father, no brothers, and no uncles, Toni craves attention from any of the men who know him. 

Perhaps because of his lack of male guidance, he acts out many of his feelings and has gained an unfavorable reputation among local shop owners and street sellers.

Despite these negative reviews, we decided to give him a chance.  Now he is in school, and although it was at first a great struggle for him, he is now doing very well.

October, 2003


The López Quiroa Family

Grades in 2004: Preschool to 10th grade                                                  Antigua  

These five kids are a close a family.  They have to be; both of their parents have died.  They are a family of five orphans.

Their uncle took them into his small house when the last parent died.  He has three kids of his own and due to change in the political party in the mayor’s office, he lost his job in the water department.

We want to help these kids individually, and as a group.  They deserve our help.  Below, are photos and more information on the kids.

March, 2004


Celeste Karina López Quiroa                         

Grade in 2005: 2nd 


Celeste is one of five orphans.  She is a very nice little girl, and also very smart.  Her grades are remarkably good, especially for someone who has endured the hardships that she has.


José Rolando López Quiroa

Grade in 2005:  4th  

Jose likes social studies, history, and natural sciences.   He is currently studying in Guatemala city to learn a trade.

October, 2007


Gladys Elizabeth López Quiroa

Grade in 2006: Technical School

Gladys is the oldest child in a family of 5 orphans.  Both of the parents have died.  The children now live with an uncle who takes care of them, but already had 3 kids of his own.  His work is not steady, so family income is unpredictable.

Gladys is studying to be a nurse.  But, there are many demands on her.  We want to help her finish school so that she can get a real job and help the younger children.

January, 2006


Evelyn Rocio López Quiroa

Grade in 2005:  1st 

Evelyn likes to play soccer and she likes to dance.  She will start school in January of 2005.

March, 2004



Julia Salvadora Poyón Cúmez

Grade in 2006: First year Technical School                 Guatemala city

Julia contracted polio when she was 2.  Her father died in the civil war, and she was separated from her mother and raised in an orphanage.  Now, she is reunited with her mother.  She has become a leader among disabled people in Guatemala city.  She finds ways to get them out of the house, get involved in sports, and become independent.

Julia now wants to graphic design.  Since there's no stopping her, we thought we'd better join her.

January, 2006



Jaime Alexander Bosel                                           

Grade in 2005: 3rd                                        Jocotenango

The mother of this family has died.  The father supports the family and acts as both father and mother to three boys.  A teenaged daughter now lives in a home for orphaned girls. 

The father, who has a serious vision impairment, sells crafts (mostly carved masks) in a local crafts market.  His earnings are quite small.  The family rents their home, but due to their precarious financial situation, they have often had to move.

Help with educational expenses may make the difference between Jamie staying in school and dropping out to work.

October, 2003


Luisa Margarita Hernandez López                     San Antonio Aguas Calientes

"My name is Luisa Margarita Hernández López.  I am 18 years old.  My parents work on the land.  My father is 62 years old, and my mother is 58.

"I am a seńorita with the hope of improving myself.  During school vacation I am working, but my goal is to have a profession.  In 2006, I studied in the first year of Magisterio [teachers’ school].  Thanks be to God and the efforts of my parents, I was able to finish the school year. 

"This year, the greatest obstacle is the economic situation of my family.  They work very hard, but earn very little, and what they earn is not enough to buy much more than the food we need each day.  They want to help me, but just don’t have the ability to do so.  For this reason, I am applying for a scholarship, so that I will be able to pursue my dream of becoming a teacher..."

Atte. Luisa Margarita Hernández López                        January, 2007


Sandra Pérez Santos

Grade in 2007:  Primaria (Grade School)              San Antonio Aguas Calientes  

Sandra lives with her family on a small plot of land in San Antonio Aguas Calientes.  There are 6 kids in the family, and not much money to go around.  

Sandra’s older sisters, now just teenagers, had to leave school to work.  They live far away from their family in another town, trying to make money selling to tourists. 

That is not the future we want for Sandra.  We hope we can find her a sponsor so that she can stay in school and grow up as a little girl should.

February, 2007  


Petrona Ester Cocon Coché

Grade in 2007:  Diversificado (High School)            San Pedro La Laguna

Petrona lives in San Pedro La Laguna on the shores of Lake Atitlán .  Her parents are very poor.  They do not own their own house or land, and have to pay rent each month.  There are also three brothers in the family, but Petrona is the only child who is still in school.  Her mother is a weaver, and her father, despite his advanced age, is a day laborer.

January 2007



Roxana & Josue Rodríguez

Grade in 2006: 2nd (both)                     San Antonio Aguas Calientes

Roxana and Josue with their grandmother

Josue and Roxana's father died some time ago, and then they were abandoned by their mother.  They went to live with their their grandmother, who had almost no way to support them.  Now their grandmother has died.

It is not clear who is going to care for these children.  We want to find them a sponsor so that they can get an education and some day at least care for themselves.

May, 2006



Manuela Victoria Pantzay Canil

Grade in 2006: 11th                                  Chichicastenango

Manuela's favorite subjects are Education and Computers.  Initially, she was discouraged from studying computing because that is a field usually studied by men in Guatemala.  

Her father is a waiter in a local restaurant, but does not make enough to pay all the required fees for his daughter's education.

Manuela says that she someday wants to have a computer herself.  We intend to help her reach her goals.

January, 2006



Maria de los Angeles Pérez Apén           

Grade in 2006:  3rd                                           San Antonio Aguas Calientes

When we first met Maria, she was at home because the family did not have enough money to send any of their four kids of school age to school.  Her mother makes “tipica,” i.e. typical Maya crafts, which are sold in the markets.  The family’s income is small and highly variable. 

The founding purpose of our project was, and is, to catch kids like Maria --- young students, dropping out of school, almost before they get started --- usually never to return again.

There is no doubt that we can make a difference in Maria’s life.

January, 2006



Nidia left, and with sister Maria on the right  

Nidia, like her sister Maria, had to leave school for lack of funds.  After her father’s accident, with 5 kids under the age of 10, there just wasn’t any money for school.  Her family wants her to go school, but simply lacks the means.

The family still has debts relating to the schooling for the four kids who were in school last year.  They also need more resources to buy clean water, food, clothing, and electricity. 

We obviously can’t solve all the problems of this family, but we can at least help with school.  And we can make sure that this little girl will live differently when she grows up.

January, 2006


María Buc

Grade in 2006: 6th                      Antigua

Sonya and Maria

The Buc family is hard working and rarely asks for anything.   They are originally from Santa Catarina, and thus the distinctive blue-green skirts and blouses.  The family lives in Antigua in order to work.  Their mother sells handmade weavings and clothes in the park.  Their father sometimes has work, but at other times does not. 

Sonya wants to be a teacher.  Maria wants to be a lawyer so that she can help indigenous people.  Both Sonya and Maria would like to have a computer some day.

We have known this family for some time, and believe that an investment in the education of these children will pay off well.

January, 2006



Maria Elena Panjoj Tol

Grade in 2006: 2nd year University               Chichicastenango

Maria Elena with her parents

Unlike most of our students, Maria Elena comes from a family where several others have continued their education beyond the normal 6 (or fewer) years.  However, her father does not have steady or reliable work, and so for several years Maria has not been able to continue her schooling.

Maria hardly fit the standard mold for young women in this part of the world.  She likes math, and all things mathematical.  She likes American football.  Obviously, she's not afraid to think for herself.

Maria wants to be a bi-lingual teacher, that is to teach children in Spanish, as well as their native language called K'iche'.

If we can find a sponsor for Maria, she will be able to complete her studies in the university.  She has the talent.  Now she just needs a little help.

January, 2006



Maritza Santos  

                                                               San Antonio Aguas Calientes

Maritza is a great student; so good in fact, she sometimes gets in trouble with the other students.  In addition to regular school, she goes to a special school to learn English.

Maritza’s parents both work, but they do not earn much money.  She has a sister who is mentally challenged and cannot progress in school.

Any investment made in Maritza will yield a good return.                                              

March, 2004



Juan Carlos Pérez Apén

                                                               San Antonio Aguas Calientes

Juan’s family is poor, very poor.  There are probably too many children, and their father does not make a lot of money.  To get to their corn-stalk house you have to climb a steep hill.  Despite the beautiful view, the life is not easy.

Juan is a good student and says he wants to be a professor when he grows up.  But like many kids in Guatemala, until he was paired with a sponsor, he wasn’t even able to continue in school.

March, 2004



Wendy Carolina Chamorro Toj

Grade in 2005: 11th                                            Antigua

Wendy is probably our best student.  School comes naturally to her, and she likes every subject.  But, her father is a laborer and makes very little.  She has two brothers with severe medical problems, and her mother must stay home to be the caregiver.  Medicine routinely consumes a large part of the family budget.

Wendy has what it takes to succeed and to help her family.  We want to make sure that school costs do not prevent her from getting to the finish line.  

March, 2004



José Roberto López Apén                                                                                             

Grade in 2005:  4th                                        San Antonio Aguas Calientes

José is from a very large family, ten children in all.  His father died in July of 2001.  The family’s financial situation is now very precarious.  The mother sells weaving in the park in Antigua to support the family, as well as working in the house to take care of the children.  All of the children over about 10 years old work as well.  José is still too young to work, but he often accompanies his mother or older siblings when they sell in the park.  

The family has a strong work ethic and they believe that education will help them improve their situation.  We very much want to help this family improve their lives.

October, 2003



Dorcas Areli Pol Xon

Grade in 2007:  1st year University                             Chichicastenango

Dorcas' family is poor even by local standards.  As is often the case, there are several younger students in the house, and there are medical expenses that the family can hardly pay.  Everybody works, even the kids.

Dorcas wants to study to be a social worker and earn her own money, and help her family.  However, when there is no money, the primary education of the youngest kids comes first in most families.  Thus, Dorcas needs help from us to get her degree and get a job.

August, 2007


Maria de los Angeles Carmona Martínez

Grade in 2006:  3rd Year Middle School                   San Antonio Aguas Calientes


Maria will soon be 15 years old (born in February, 1992).  She lives in a house made of corn stalks and tin.  Yet, Maria wants to study to be an accountant.  Since her mother is weaver, and has no husband, this is a big step for the family.

The problem is that her mother makes only about $65 per month, which is not enough to buy any more than the basic needs of life.  Without our help, it is unlikely that Maria will be able to reach her goal.

January, 2007



Petronila Saquic Aguilar

Grade in 2006: 2nd year University                          Chichicastenango

Petronila has four younger brothers and sisters.  Her father is a day laborer and receives only minimal salary, when he can find work.  The family has unpaid bills and their transportation costs are high.  

Petronila is now on her own, and asks for no financial aid from her family.  She teaches during the week, and studies law on the weekend.  It is not an easy life.  

Not many students, especially young indigenous women, progress this far in their studies.  However, no one who meets Petronila questions whether she will reach her goal.

January, 2006



Maria Tiriquiz Macario

Grade in 2005: 10th                                           Chichicastenango

Maria does not get any help from her father for her school expenses, which for her are very expensive.  She used to get help from her mother.  But with younger students in the home, and a mother who just doesn't have much to give, Maria is now pretty much on her own.  

She wants to continue in school and become an accountant.  If we find a sponsor for her, we can help her attain this practical goal.

February, 2005


Saul Estuardo Pérez Santos

Grade in 2004:   10th                       San Antonio Aguas Calientes

Saul, like his mother and sister, was born with a cleft palate.  He and his sister Soledad have had operations to correct this problem.  The condition has not disfigured him, but instead gives him the appearance of a slightly rakish devil.

Saul likes school and wants to continue.  He is already beyond the point where most children from poor families drop out.  He is good in math and has started studying computers and he wants to work with computers when he is done with school.  There is no doubt that he has the ability to do this, but the question is whether the family can afford to let him continue in school. 

October, 2003



Manuelita Ixquic Canil Pixcar

Grade in 2006: 1st year University          Chichicastenango

Manuelita's father works in one of the local restaurants.  He usually makes less than $75 per month.  

Manuelita's favorite subject is English.  She is now attending a university in Santa Cruz, about an hour away from where she lives.  She is studying Business Administration and says that it is a lot of work, but she enjoys it.  

There is little doubt that she will succeed.

January, 2006


Maria Susana Raymundo Pérez

Grade in 2006: 1st year University                               Nebaj


Maria's family is part of the Ixil ethnic group.  This group witnessed the most bloody aspects of the war which ravaged Guatemala 20 years ago.

Maria's father works in agriculture and makes almost nothing.  She herself wants to pursue a practical career in physical therapy.  English is one of her favorite subjects.  We are very happy that we found her a sponsor so that she will be able to reach that goal.

January,  2006


Josefina Jerónimo Chan

Grade in 2006: 1st year Trade School                    Chichicastenango

Josefina has taken an interesting career route.  After high school she first studied computing in a local school.  Now, she has decided to go to the university to study Bilingual Education (Spanish / K'iche').  When she finishes, she will teach students in their native language, as well as in Spanish.

Fortunately her sponsor supports her in her decisions for the future.

August, 2007



Cecilia del Rosario Morales Tomas

Grade in 2006:  2nd year University                          San Antonio Aguas Calientes

Cecilia is one of the young women in our program in the university.  She has an independent mind and thinks for herself.  For example, she wants to study to be an industrial engineer, which is hardly a normal course of study for a young indigenous woman. 

Cecilia is lucky in that both her parents are still alive and still working.  However, they make very little.  Thus, the costs of transportation, books, and fees makes it all but impossible for Cecilia to attend the university without help.

If this young lady can reach her goal, she will be a great asset to her family and to her community.

January, 2006



Erica Loida Eunice Ignacio Yacon

Grade in 2005:  1st                                Chichicastenango

Erica's father is a craftsman, but suffers from a cerebral problem and cannot function normally.  A brother has a similar problem.

The family income is not much more than $1 a day, and there are probably too many kids.  The kids need better food and clothing.  And, they need help to stay in school.

March, 2004



Marta Alicia Calva Yacon

Grade in 2005: 10th                                                                Chichicastenango


Marta is good in math, and she wants to become a doctor.  Becoming a doctor is a grand ambition for this part of the world, especially for a young indigenous woman.

Marta's father is a day laborer, which means that he makes his living by unskilled manual labor, finding work whenever he can.  He earns very little, and cannot possibly afford to pay for Marta's continuing education, even at her current level.

We don't know whether Marta's dreams are realistic or not.  But we do know that she is in school and wants to continue.  With the help of a sponsor, we can make sure she can continue in school as long as she has the ability to do the work.

February, 2005                



Jadi Sucely López Peréz                                                            

Grade in 2004:  3rd                         San Antonio Aguas Calientes   

Jadi’s mother sells weaving in Antigua , Guatemala .  Thus, she spends her day walking up and down the streets carrying a heavy load of fabrics.  It is hard work, and she makes about $130 per month.  Her husband is a carpenter and makes about $180 per month.  Their income is higher than some, but still does not go far with 4 kids.

Jadi, herself, likes school.  She likes to read and she likes physical education.  She likes to play with her dolls, but also likes to play soccer.  Her only fault, as far as we can tell, is that she can’t stop giggling when someone wants to take her picture.

October, 2003



Ana Lucía Velásquez Lobos

Grade in 2005: 1st                                                        Antigua

Ana does not have a father.  Her mom is a single mother and does domestic work for a family in Antigua.  Ana is lucky in that she has many people to care for her.  The only problem is that none of them has the money to help her pay for her school.  We know she is a hard worker, sweeping and helping around the house, to help her mother.  We also know she likes to sing.  

March, 2005


Dinora Griselda Hi Chavajay

Grade in 2006: 7th                                         San Pedro La Laguna

Dinora is our first student who lives on the shores of Lake Atitlan.  She was "rescued" from the fields by one of our associates, and quickly adopted by a god-mother in the U.S.

Dinora comes from a big family.  Her father works in the fields himself and does not have the money to help all the kids go to school.

But Dinora is a hard working student, and wants to go on to the university and become a journalist. Now that she has a sponsor, she will be able to reach that goal.

May, 2006



Jeimy Paola Perez Canocio                                

Grade in 2005: 3rd                               Santa Catarina Barahona

Paola’s father injured his spine at work, and can no longer work at his former job.  The job of supporting the family thus falls to a large measure on her mother, who walks about selling weavings.  This job yields an income that is meager and highly variable.  There are four children in the family less than 12 years old. 

Paola says she likes to draw and play with her friends.  But the fact is that she has little time to do either.  She has house work to do, and often must accompany her mother while she works.  Our goal is simply to make her life a little easier and to make sure she receives a good education.  She is a beautiful little girl that deserves better.

October, 2003


Franklin Benjamin Hernández López                       

Grade in 2005:  4th                                         San Antonio Aguas Calientes

 Franklin lives in a primitive house with his grandmother. The floor is dirt, and the front is always open, as there are only 3 walls in the house.  He sleeps on mats on the floor. 

Franklin never had a father, and his mother recently abandoned him, moving elsewhere and taking Franklin’s two younger brothers with her.

Now he lives with only his grandmother, who can provide him with no real support.

Franklin is obviously feeling the effects of his family disruptions, but at least for now, he is continuing is school.

October, 2003



Cristina Jeronimo Nix

Grade in 2006: 9th                                             Chichicastenango

For several years, those of us who work in Guatemala have known Cristina.  She comes from a large family and lives in Chichicastenango.

Cristina is very bright.  She not only does well in school, but we know from first-hand observation that she quietly absorbs everything that goes on around her.  She is at the point where she is starting to discover art and culture, something which we hope to encourage in her.

As if all that were not enough, she is funny and fun to be around.

The family’s financial situation is precarious.  We hope we can find her a sponsor.

This is one student who will clearly benefit from whatever level of education she is offered.

January, 2006



Marta Eluvia Semen Morales

Grade in 2006: 1st year University                             Chichicastenango

Marta's father abandoned the family years ago.  Marta is weaver and also works outside the house when she can find work, as do her two sisters.

The family income is very small and the mother and a sister have medical expenses due to pulmonary diseases.

Marta's family includes four younger brothers and sisters.  Marta wants to study computers and help her family.  We want to support that goal.

January, 2006



Kelly Carolina Saghe López              

Grade in 2005:  3rd.                                                      San Antonio Aguas Calientes



There are five students in the Saghe López household.  Her father has a minor job working for the army, and the mother sells to tourists.  Together, their income is about $1500 per year.   

The family’s income is spread thin, not only by normal household expenses, but also by having so many kids in school.  They also spend much of their income on medical expenses, as Kely’s twin brother has a respiratory problem that consumes much of the family’s income.

Kely is one of our best students, and we want to help her continue in school, and to make her feel special in having a sponsor from another country that cares about her.

October, 2003


Wilkerson López López              

Graduated in 2004!                                                    San Antonio Aguas Calientes


Wilkerson is an exception to the rule.  In a country where most poor students leave after the 6th grade, he has continued in school.  He is now in a trade school preparing for a career in auto and truck mechanics.  His father is no longer living, and he has 4 younger siblings.  His mother sells weaving and does domestic chores to make money.

We very much want to help Wilkerson finish school.  With a degree, he will be able to get a good job, help support the younger kids, and give his hard working mother a little rest.

We hope to see Wilkerson continue with his practical career-oriented education.

October, 2003



Francisco Antonio Arzú                              

Grade in 2005:  8th                                         Antigua

Francisco’s mother truly values education, and her children are good students.

However, their circumstances are not good.  The father has died, and Francisco’s mother makes little as a part time Spanish teacher.  The family lives in a small shanty town on the outskirts of Antigua, Guatemala.  The house is partly open, and the yard is enclosed in tin.  However, the house is well cared for, clean, and there is a true family spirit that includes grandparents, uncles, and cousins.  All pitch in to help the family.

Although the family has very little income, they are looking to the future with a great attitude and sense of what can be accomplished.  We believe that helping Francisco and his family will yield very good returns.

October, 2003



Mily Argentina López Apén                   

Now graduated!                                            San Antonio Aguas Calientes


Mily is from a very large family (10 kids), and wrote us a letter to ask if we could help her.  At the time she was 15 years old and wanted to study hotel and restaurant management.  This field can lead to a good job in Guatemala, as well as the opportunity to learn other languages and gain knowledge of how the outside world works.

The problem is that Mily’s mother can no longer afford to pay for her to go to school.  Her father died in 2001, and there are younger children who must still get a basic education.  Her mother has virtually no job skills, as her job was always to mind the house and raise the kids.  However, with the father gone, all that has changed. 

If Mily can get the training she wants in her chosen field, she can help her mother, as well as herself.  We think her choice makes a lot of sense, and we want to make it possible for her.

October, 2003


Arnoldo José López Micán               

Grade in 2005: 10th                                                San Antonio Aguas Calientes


Arnoldo’s worse subject is English, so if you want to drop by, you’d better learn some Spanish.  He does like sports, soccer as usual, but also horseback riding. 

When he grows up he wants to be an engineer.    

March, 2003



Rebeca Elizabeth Cor Paulo                           

Grade in 2004: 3rd .                                               Jocotenango


Rebeca and her sister were our first two students.  Until we met, there were no plans to ever send her to school.  The family just didn’t have the money.   Rebeca likes school and now proudly shows everyone her notebooks with all her teacher’s favorable comments.  However, coming from a family that is totally illiterate means that she finds school difficult.  She is still trying hard, and we intend to continue helping her as long is she is willing to keep working.

October, 2003



Ana Isabel Lucrecia (Luki) Cor Paulo                      

Grade in 2005:  3rd                                                  Jocotenango

Luki was one of our first two students.  We met her selling on the street, without a father or caring mother.  She was, and is cared for by her grandmother.  There were no plans to ever send her to school.  Now she is in school, and doing well.

She is a bit of a hellion, harboring some untamed and untamable quality.  Which is exactly what has made her the favorite of many.

October, 2003


Claudia Marisela Cabrera Rucal                                                      Antigua



Claudia's sponsor met her in at a cleaners in Antigua where many tourists have their clothes washed.  She was 14 years old and working full time.  She wanted to return to school.

Now, with a sponsor, she goes to school at night and is doing well.  She still has to work, but now at least she will someday be able to get a good job.

January, 2007


Alan Cristian Saloj Alinan                     

Grade in 2005: 4th                                           Jocotenango


Alan is good in school, when he wants to be.  Sometimes he tends to be a little “argumentative” with his classmates.  Perhaps it is no coincidence that he wants to be a lawyer when he grows up.

Next to soccer, math is his favor subject.

October, 2003



Rossi Estefani Saloj Alinan             

Grade in 2005:  3rd                                            Jocotenango

As you can see in the photos above, Rossi cannot help but grin.  

When she grows up she wants to be a doctor.  In school, she likes math and Spanish.  She prefers basketball to soccer (a rarity in this part of the world).

Rossi’s family is from the area of Sololá, so they are somewhat isolated from their brethren where they now live.  However, work is important to Rossi’s father, and he is here to work.  Besides his daytime job, he works in the evenings repairing various electronic devices.  He is well trusted by his neighbors.

For now, Rossi’s father makes little, but seeing how hard he works, we think he will improve his financial situation in the future.  For now though, he needs some help, and we are glad to help Rossi stay in school.

October, 2003



Maria José López Apén                 

Grade in 2005: 5th                                                       San Antonio Aguas Calientes


Maria José is from a very large family, and her father recently died.  The family financial situation is precarious.  However, we now believe that with our support, there will be enough money to keep all the kids in her family in school.

Maria José had problems with her school work not long after her father died.  We made sure she got the tutoring she needed, and now she is doing fine.  But we will keep an eye on her.

It is impossible not to like Maria José.  She is a lot of fun and has an enormous amount of spunk.  There is little doubt that she will succeed.  

October, 2003


Melisa Regina                

Grade in 2005: 4th                                                            Antigua


Melisa is one of our best students.  She lives with her mother and brother in a very poor area of town.  (Her father died when she was very small.)  Her mother values education highly, and goes to great lengths to make sure Melisa and her brother are brought up well, despite the negative influences of their immediate environment.

Her mother’s efforts are certainly paying off in this little girl.

October, 2003



Nancy Elizabeth Salazar López                                   San Antonio Aguas Calientes

Grade in 2004: technical school 


Nancy lives in the indigenous community of San Antonio Aguas Calientes, a town that is still traditional in many respects.  But Nancy, is also a modern girl.  She wants to study dental science and some day get a good job.   With a sponsor, we can help her obtain that goal.

January, 2004



Vidalia Fidelina Telón Godinez       

Grade in 2005: 2nd year Technical School                  San Antonio Aguas Calientes

Vidalia’s situation is unusual.  She lives with just her mother in their small cane and block house.  Her father is deceased.  Her mother is a life-long weaver and makes beautiful things to sell in the market.  Vidalia has learned this trademark skill of San Antonio, and can now herself can make such weavings. 

At age 13, Vidalia had only 3 years of school, but she and her mother decided that it would be best if she returned to school.

Vidalia did return to school, but it was difficult for her, and she was with much younger students.  It simply did not work out.  Now she is going to change course and attend technical school.  We believe that learning a practical skill is probably the best course of study for her.

October, 2003



Mynor Anibal Charuc Hernández

Grade in 2005:  8th                                                Jocotenango


When we first met Mynor, he and his mother were on a short break from harvesting coffee.  Both had blackened hands and forearms, which comes from the sticky sap from the coffee tree that quickly blackens in the dirty work.  With severely depressed coffee prices worldwide, they are paid very little for their work.

When Mynor entered our program he was 13 years old and had completed five years of school, one year short of finishing primary school.  When we met him, he was not in school because he and his mother could not afford the fees.  Now that he has returned to school, he has turned out to be a good student.  Mynor has a father, but his father now lives with another family and gives neither him nor his brother and sister any support.

We believe that with education Mynor can get a real job and make a decent living.  Our hope is that he will not permanently join the drawn and exhausted adults with whom he was working that day.

October, 2003



Vilma Yesenía López

Grade in 2005: 12th                                                  San Antonio Aguas Calientes



Vilma (on left) with sister and mother

Vilma is 16 years old, and for a girl in this part of the world she has a lot of education.  After all, 6 years is normal, and girls frequently go a lot less.  She wants to continue, at least through high school.  She is studying to be an accountant. 

Her biggest problem in school is that with her father deceased and a mother who sells crafts, the family income is small and variable.  She has older siblings, but they are now married and have their own families, and so cannot help her with school fees.

Vilma is obviously bright and ambitious.  Fortunately, she now has a sponsor.  There is little doubt that she will do well.

October, 2003



Irene Nohemi Mactzul                                                 Patzún

Grade in 2008: 1st year University


Irene is a very good student who is working as a primary school teacher in the Kaqchikel town of Patzún.  She is also an innovator who has begun teaching indigenous kids about their Maya heritage --- no small feat in a Catholic school in a setting that has always been against such teachings.

She now wants to continue her own education by studying Education Administration at the University.  Because she now has a sponsor, that will be possible.

January, 2008



Sandra Isabel Coloj Leon                          Chichicastenango

Grade in 2008: 2nd year University


Sandra is a good student whom we have know for several years.  During the school vacation months in Guatemala (Oct to Jan)  she taught in our "Vacation Maya Schools" in Chichicastenango.  She comes from an artistic family that has a long interest in preserving the Maya culture.  

Now, by earning a higher degree in her field (bilingual education - Spanish K'iche') she will be better qualified to put her talents to work for her community.

January, 2008



Rosa Tebolan Calel                                                                 Chicastenango

Grade in 2007: 6th


Rosa is from Chichicastenango, but seems to sell all over.  Her sponsor met her on the streets of Panajachel (a popular tourist resort).  She says she wants to return to school.  It will be a difficult path as she has been out of school for several years.  But, without a doubt, it is the best choice.

January, 2007


Jacqueline Marlene Patal Ixén                                   Patzún

Grade in 2008: 1st year University


Jacqueline wants to study psychology at the university.  She is an experienced bilingual teacher who is proud of her cultural heritage.  In fact, she is one of the teachers in Patzún who has managed to begin teaching Maya culture to the local indigenous students.  We have seen her in our workshops for teachers, and know she is diligent and determined.

January, 2008


Josefa Tuch González                San Pedro La Laguna

Grade in 2008: 1st year University




Josefa has chosen to enter a university program in archaeology.  That is a great ambition for a poor indigenous girl from the shores of Lake Atitlan.  It is impossible to tell whether she will have the will to complete such a difficult program, but she has already accomplished much more that one would expect from a girl in her circumstances.

January, 2009



Daniel López Pérez                                      Panajachel

Grade in 2007: 5th


Daniel is known as a bit of character around Panajachel, but he is well liked by those who know him.  He is a street seller and his English is at times amazingly good.  But Daniel is from the nearby Kaqchikel community of Santa Catarina, and he has never had much opportunity.  A tourist who met him on the street has decided to take a chance on him and help him return to school.  We are very happy to help facilitate that decision.

January, 2007



Wendy Quiacain Méndez             San Pedro La Laguna

Grade in 2008: 1st year University  

Wendy is currently working as a bilingual (Spanish-Tzutujiil) secretary.  However, she wants to work toward a high degree.  Because she now has a sponsor, she will start a program as a social worker.  She will have to work hard to earn her degree, but she has the determination to succeed.

January, 2008



Vilma Teresa Cum Sanic

Grade in 2008: 1st year University                         Patzún


Vilma wants to study social work.  In Guatemala, this means she would work in a hospital, or school, or possibly with the government to help disadvantaged people.  In many ways though, Vilma herself is disadvantaged.  Coming from a poor family she never had a lot of educational opportunities.

We hope to find her a sponsor so that she can follow the career that she wants to pursue.

January, 2008



Evander Wilfredo Xicay Chávez         

Grade in 2005: 7th                                San Antonio Aguas Calientes


Evander, like his younger brother Volker, does not get any help from his father who has deserted the family.  His mother makes very little and there are other young children in the house.  The family lives beside a blacksmith shop owned by the mother’s brother.

Without help Evander will soon quit school to take some low paying job to help the family.  After all, he is getting big enough to tote things about and follow orders.  But we all know that those jobs never change, and in 20 years his own children will be dropping out of school.

For now, at least, he is in school.  If we can continue to give his mother some financial help with the costs of school, he will very likely stay there. 

October, 2003



Luis Chávez Hernández                           San Antonio Aguas Calientes                      

Luis (right)

Luis lives with his mother and little brother in a small one room house.  There is no father to provide for the family, so Luis’ mother tries to do it all. 

They are a very humble family and have very little.  Both the boys seem intelligent, and have an interest in school.  However, without some form of financial help it is doubtful that Luis will be able to stay in school.  After all, many boys his age have had to abandon school for work.

March, 2004


Alma Paola Bellón Hernández                                   Patzún

Grade in 2008: 1st year University:


Alma, originally from the Kaqchikel community of Patzún, now works in Chimaltenango as an office secretary, but makes very little.  She has the potential to do much more.  

She wants to attend school full-time, or even part-time, to study business administration.  She is a hard worker who can accomplish more if she has the opportunity.  If we can find a sponsor for her, she will be able to move to the next level in her career.

January, 2008



Arlynn Volker Xicay Chávez

Grade in 2006:  6th                                         San Antonio Aguas Calientes 


Volker lives with his mother and brothers.  His father does not live with the family, and gives them no support.  Volker’s mother sells balloons to try to support the family. His uncle lives with the family and lends support, but his mother and his uncle make very little money. 

The family needs help with his school fees and expenses, and the expenses of running the household.  Volker would like to continue in school, but it is doubtful he can do so without some type of financial assistance.   However, we believe that with our assistance he can stay in school and do quite well.

January, 2006



Luis Diego Gaytán Monzón                      Jocotenango

Grade in 2007:  Kindergarten

Luis' mother is single and makes very little money as a nurse.  She also has to pay someone to take care of Luis while she is working.  For these reasons, just having enough money to buy his school supplies and pay his fees is not easy.  We hope to find Luis a sponsor so that he can get an education and eventually help his mother.

June, 2007



Maria Cristina Quiroa Pérez

Grade in 2009: last year of high school                           Antigua


Cristi, with young cousin

Cristi's family is close, but has many financial problems.  Her family with three children suddenly expanded to eight children when her father's sister and husband died and left 5 orphans (see Quiroa López family above).  Now the cousins have become like new brothers and sisters, and the oldest girl is now working, there are still tremendous financial pressures, especially concerning education for all the kids.  

Cristi is a good student, and a really nice girl.  She will make the most of what her sponsor provides her.

January, 2008



Maria Cristina Conoz Panjoj

Grade in 2008: 6th                                     Chichicastenango

Maria Cristina comes from a very poor family in Chichicastenango.  Due to the family's precarious financial situation, her school attendance in the past has not been regular, and she is a couple of years behind where she might otherwise be.  Now, however, she is back in school and wants to stay there.  Maria likes math, drawing, reading, and basketball.  She wants to be a teacher when she grows up.  She also wants a bike, preferably, sometime before she grows up.

With four children and much job uncertainty, and a father who makes less than $1,000 a year in an agricultural job, we cannot predict what family's financial situation will be in the future.  However, it is clear that we must help Maria now if she is to stay in school.

January, 2006



Sebastiána Mateo Ignacio

Grade in 2006:  5th                                            Chichicastenango



Sebastiána is 15 years old, lives in Chichicastenango and to date has completed only four years of school.

Sebastiana's father has been ill for several years.  He suffers from a type of paralysis and is bedridden.  The family must spend much of their income on medicine.

Except for the father, the family is all women and girls.  Thus, employment opportunities are more limited.  Some older sisters work when work is available.  Family income in cash is roughly $500 per year.

Sebastiána likes math and basketball.  In her spare time she also likes to weave and embroider.

January, 2006




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